For most of us, January is too cold for golf. But there’s good news, my polo shirt-loving friends: you can bring putting fun indoors with a new golf/pool combo game called “Putter Pool.”

Available from Hearthsong, the game, for ages 6 and up, is played on a green mat similar to that of the fabric found on a pool table top. Simply roll it out on any level indoor surface, velcro the rails along the edges, and take turns shooting the balls into the pockets-just like the real thing. You can score Putter Pool like traditional pool, or perhaps play it the way my sister used to play all games: by cheating and automatically winning.

Putter Pool, which includes golf clubs, and 16 golf balls, touts itself as “a great way to help kids build hand-eye coordination, strategy and family memories.” Gizmodo offers another take: “It takes billiards and golf - arguably two of the laziest ‘sports’ known to man—and merges them into an indoor game that barely requires you to get up off the couch.”

For those of us who grew up with the epic 3-in-1 Tournament Table in the ’90s, Putter Pool is similarly awesome. I can also imagine a version for ages 21 and up, if you know what I mean.

Amanda Pendolino

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