Here’s some great news for all you happy iPhone 5 owners. Since its launch, the new iOS favorite has been a hit with a dearth of “powerful” protection. Sure, the iPhone 5 has a smattering of battery-charging protective case solutions, but it’s time for something “saucy,” something vibrant… XPAL Power, Inc. has just unearthed their next generation of protective battery cases and from the looks and marketing hyperbole, these are aiming for high-end recognition.

The PowerSkin lineup of “ultra-slim” Battery Cases showcasing at CES this week are clearing merging style with continued mobile utility. Three case lines were announced. The Pro Series is coated in double injected hard plastic (TPU-coated) for iPhone protection and travel charging. The PowerSkin Battery Case for iPhone 5 struts with a new angular and super slim design and supports iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III. Finally, the Hybrid Battery Charger  has the suction cup connectors and form factor that makes it compatible with Android and iOS devices. Options abound!

PowerSkin protective cases with built-in batteries are said to double the battery life of supported mobile devices. That’s an impressive boast. Light will be shed soon enough as device roll out begins “beginning of 2013.” That’s soon, right?

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Shawn Sanders

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