Runners, rejoice: Nike has unveiled its new Flyknit Lunar1+, an ultra light all-purpose running shoe that combines a Flyknit upper with a cushy Lunarlon bottom.

Nike first launched Flyknit technology in early 2012; Olympians tested out the featherweight shoes at the London Olympic Games. Flyknit is a kind of yarn and fabric material engineered to feel like a second skin, helping to reduce seams, weight and areas of friction – and of course, keep the shoe lightweight.

The upper part of the shoe also features adaptive support that tightens and relaxes to accommodate the natural motion of the foot – and combined with plush, responsive Lunarlon on the bottom of the shoe, the Flyknit Lunar1+ is perfect for everyday runners. (It also has a neutral platform.) “The resilient foam provides ultra-soft cushioning, and springy response and support,” Nike says. “Strategically placed durable rubber inserts in the outsole deliver maximum impact protection in key areas on the heel and forefoot. “

The Flyknit Lunar1 also boasts 80% less waste than other running shoes and offers maximum breathability. Even more exciting is the broad palette of ten colors, from gray and black to turquoise and purple (with plenty of options for contrasting shoelaces). There’s no word yet on how much the shoes will cost.

Amanda Pendolino

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