A new darling freshly placed in the slow simmering Kickstarter oven, hopes to finally give iPhone users that Minority Report experience, where everything is all holograms and motion input detection.

Simulating such, I’ve sampled an exhaustive number of PC supported input apps for mobile devices. Some good, some not so much. Of the former ilk, I would say RemoteX and a handful of VLC dedicated remote apps are the most competent of the bunch tested for iOS devices. They offer a good number of features and functions to remotely navigate through your many computer files and folders.

None of them grant users the power of motion and visual gesture control. Mauz does! Mauz is a new Kickstarter project from the out-of-box thinkers at Spicebox–makers of Intoxicase and its flip-out bottle opener. This time, yet with no less zest, Spicebox is taking things elegantly more serious with the exceedingly versatile Mauz.

Mauz mutates your iPhone into a wireless computer mouse; a touchpad for wireless TV and PC. With it you can also use motion gestures for nearly all your standard computer commands. Create custom gestures to customize the UI to your liking. Making use of the iPhone’s camera, the Mauz can process visual gestures when performed in front of the camera lens. Mauz plugs right into your iPhone and works with a companion app. Each supports iPhone 4, 4s and 5.

Visit the www.mauzup.com for info. If you’re so inclined, drop the fine chaps a buck or two and help the project become mass produced. I hear pre- and mass production are all that remain. A working prototype is making its rounds.

Source | Via: Kickstarter

Shawn Sanders

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