Google Maps vs. Apple Maps iOS (comparison)

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4 Comments to Google Maps vs. Apple Maps iOS (comparison)

  1. MR.niceGUY

    It would be interesting to see how apple maps compares to Google maps which is running on an android device such as the galaxy S4. In that case, apple maps would’t stand a chance in ease of use, as it did here. I am surprised to see how you didn’t mention that apple maps is terrible at finding certain locations when the details are typed into the address bar. For instance, I typed in Argos, and it came up with a result that the outlet was in the back garden of someones house!

    Google maps does this so much better. I merely typed the first three letters of my local restaurant and it instantly displayed it in the search menu whilst apple maps didn’t even know it existed. For apple maps to be on par with Google maps, they need as much data as Google have got, and if they have already started collecting as of now, it would take them years to reach the amount of data in googles database.

    Another interesting thing and something which was barely mentioned in the article is that apple are very restrictive with third party software, where they implement the use of their own native software as much as possible. They put big limitations on third party apps which directly compete with their own, such as the browsers. For instance, you can’t change the default browser and only Safari has the Nitro Javascript engine, meaning that other browsers running without it will be considerably slower. Again, marketing bullshit from Apple, so that they brainwash you in using their devices.

    If google maps didn’t have any of apples restrictions, it would for sure wipe the floor with apple maps.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I am not an android/Google fanboy and I am not antiApple, I myself own an iPhone 4 which I think is a fabulous piece of technology which I use as my main phone and I have no intention of going over to an android smartphone, even though I own a Nexus 7. I just think if apple reduced their bullshit restrictions, it would make so much more of iOS and make it that much more of a delight to use.

  2. You claimed that Apple Maps doesn’t have walking directions or public transportation directions, well it clearly has those features and has had them since the release of Apple Maps. I’ve seen several articles stating this and I don’t understand why people have been saying that when if you simply look at the app it is there.

  3. Christopher Giancaspro

    The negative I have with Google maps on iOS, I am living in Japan, my iPhone is set in the English language, so Google maps only shows up in Imperial settings with no way to change to metric. This sucks when using it for navigation while driving as I need to calculate the actual distance into meters first. It’s not difficult really, but an annoyance. My Japanese friends have their iPhones set in Japanese and Google maps defaults to the metric system.
    Seriously hoping Google adds this ability to switch. Apple Maps knows I am in Japan and automatically has units in metric even though the phone is set to English.

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