One child’s nightmare has turned into a high-end piece of furniture!

When he was a kid, designer Jason Goh was told by his grandmother that if he didn’t finish his food, it would turn into a giant monster that would eat him alive. Such fears inspired Jason to create “Moyee,” a giant furry monster chair that’s bound to delight both kids and adults.

The whimsical chair is a big, weighted ball covered in fur. Moyee’s mouth – a hole in the center of the chair – lets you inside (yes, it’s big enough for grown-ups). A soft red tongue flows out of the mouth like a red carpet, and inside, a pink interior and soft lighting sets the mood for reading, playing make-believe or just hanging out. I might get distracted by the outside, though, and just “stroke the furry wall” like P-Diddy in Get Him to the Greek.

According to Yanko Design, “the body of the chair is constructed similar to the Roly-Poly toy, where the user can rock the ball without rolling the entire chair over.”

Jason’s designs are currently on display at the National Museum of Singapore as part of the “Imprints: Designing for Memories” exhibit, which runs until January 27. Jason has a background in designing electronic items for companies like Panasonic, Siemens VDO, Creative Technology and Hewlett-Packard, but has also created home items like Moyee and this adorable rocking toy for children.

There’s no word yet on whether the Moyee chair will be mass-manufactured or how much it would cost.

Amanda Pendolino

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