More companies are embracing the camera found on everyday mobile devices, in quite literal ways. G-Form, savants of sport protection in a myriad of forms, is very much one of these companies. They make protective padding, sleeves for laptops, and premium rugged mobile device cases for iOS and Android devices. The company is heralded for their protecting cases’ Reactive Protection Technology. This tech has preserved iPhones dropped from 1000s of feet. Impressive stuff!

But today the company has pulled back the veil on their new G-Form G90 case. Consulting with “extreme” athletes for a year, the company has toiled to produce the very first protective case that transforms a smartphone or iPod into a sports action camera. The product wields a number of patent pending technologies to maintain aerodynamics and a diminished form factor so all devices can be flat mounted. It can snap images at a 90 degree angle. But more impressive, the G90 sports tech that can increase the field of view on a device lens and capture your favorite fast-paced action in a 140 degree wide format.

The case can attach to virtually any surface, even the underside of a skateboard deck or a helmet. The impact technology maintains the company’s rugged and resilient standards. It’s also waterproof with the enclosure or remove it for a free-er skeletal back.

G-Form had this to say on the G90 Sports Camera Case:

“Many people have tried to use smartphone or iPods as sports cameras with cases and mounting systems, and it just doesn’t work due to the very awkward non-aerodynamic shape of the devices in normal video orientation and the narrow field of view – not to mention the risk of breakage.  The G90 case solves all those problems.”

Shawn Sanders

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