Sick of the tedious, imprecise process of tuning your electric guitar?

Check out the new Peavey AT-200, an electric guitar with auto-tune! It features Antares Auto-Tune for Guitar with String Tune and the Solid-Tune intonation system, two technologies that work together to give the guitar perfect pitch.

To use the tuning system, simply click a switch on the front of the guitar, evenly strum all six strings and press the volume knob. The system “hears” all the strings and tunes them perfectly. When you hear a swoosh (just moments later), your guitar is in tune. Take a look at the video:

As you continue to play the guitar, the Auto-Tune system constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any corrections necessary to ensure that each note is in tune, regardless of variables like finger position or pressure or physical limitations of the instrument.

The Peavey AT-200 even works for alternate tunings like Drop D, Open G and Baritone. Best of all, you won’t be playing a weird, bulky piece of machinery, since the tuning system doesn’t include any big hardware; it looks, plays and sounds just like any other electric guitar. You can purchase it for $499.99.

Amanda Pendolino

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