Criminals getting away? Mark them with DNA!

Selectamark, a British security company, has unveiled its SelectaDNA High Velocity System, designed to help police and military mark potential suspects when an arrest is not possible (likely due to a chaotic situation involving multiple people).

With SelectaDNA pistols and rifles, you can shoot non-lethal pellet “bullets” that leave invisible, harmless traces of DNA on a suspect. The pellets contain uniquely coded synthetic DNA microdots so that targets can be identified as being involved in an incident and found later when an arrest can be made. DNA traces will “remain on an offender for weeks.”

The pellets, which weigh just 1 gram each, are accurate from a range of 30-40 meters (98-131 feet) and come in a pack of 14, all of which share matching DNA code. This way, all intruders involved in a certain event will be marked by the same code.

Selectamark is already known for its anti-intruder DNA spray, which similarly links a suspect to a crime. Currently used by retail outlets, schools, jewelers, gas stations and banks, the DNA Spray can be armed by a panic button and/or linked to an existing intruder alarm system. Other SelectaDNA products include DNA grease, DNA gel and a variety of UV lights.

Amanda Pendolino

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