The fight is not over. The Xenomorps…necromorph…whatever continue to move. But this time Isaac and John have traveled to a remote place. Tau Volantis is a desolate and treacherous landscape. Here is the source of the necromorph outbreak. Here is where they will make their stand.

This launch trailer for the next Deadspace game makes it look more like a Capcom’s Lost Planet than any survival horror themed romp. We all know such is not the case. But the necromorphs are on the rise nonetheless and this may be Isaac’s last chance at stopping the bloodshed.

Here we can catch a glimpse of the gameplay as it strobes in intermittently over a nice Phil Collins backdrop. Oh yeah did I forget to mention this entire video is playing/remixed to Phil Collins In the Air Tonight? Also known as “Crockett’s Theme”. It was the theme playing in the background during the memorable opening of the Miami Vice pilot episode. Crockett always got all the cool cars.

 Pre-Order Deadspace 3 now and get limited edition unlocks such as the Evangelizer and Negotiator weapons and suit up with the Witness and First Contact suits.

Shawn Sanders

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