Tonight Nvidia just pulled the veil back on their boldest most surprising move yet. Nvidia has officially entered the hardware manufacturing arena with their ambitious Project Shield. Let’s just get to the meat of this one.

From the video above Project Shield looks like a controller with a flip-up LCD screen. Well it’s that and a proverbial bag of Doritos coated in cheesy powdered game-crack.  Project Shield is a mobile gaming device that connects to Nvidia’s new GRID cloud-based gaming platform and makes use of Nvidia proprietary GeForce Experience optimization tool, which automatically analyzes your machine and sets in-game settings to their optimal state for your particular system and gaming environment.

With this, Project Shield cannot only play mobile and PC games from the Android marketplace and Tegra Zone, but it can also remotely access your PC and stream games from your Steam games library. If all works out well this could revolutionize the LAN party. You could, theoretically, take a bus to a friend’s house with your Project Shield in tow, wirelessly access your home computer and play Planetside 2 with friends during said transit ride. Then upon arriving, you could wireless connect to your buddy’s spare LCD TV or monitor and continue your game while they play with you on their own home computer in a multiplayer game. It’s bloody brilliant!

We don’t have all the specifics. But to make it simple here are…

12 Things We Know About Project Shield

  1. It’s DNA is Tegra 4 (Custom 72-core NVIDIA GeForce® GPU Quad-core A15 CPU), the superhuman powers of which we reported last month.
  2. Its running on Android through and through. No custom skins! Familiar interfaces and all the functionality you’d expect from an Android device (movies, music, internet, games etc.)!
  3. The 5-inch, flip-up touchscreen offers a secondary input solution and supports 720p HD.
  4. Supports 4k display resolutions over HDMI-out
  5. Connectivity and input options are all standards which include HDMI, Ethernet, MicroSD, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G
  6. Connects to the cloud to play Android games from the Android Marketplace, Tegra Zone and PC games loaded on systems with supported GeForce GTX video cards.
  7. Stream games from your PC’s Steam library using Steam Big Picture.
  8. Wirelessly connect to your home PC over highspeed 3G/4G or Wi-Fi
  9. 5-10hr of gameplay 24hrs of HD video playback
  10. 802.11n 2×2 MIMO game-speed Wi-Fi
  11. Bass reflex audio system creates more volume and richness through resonance and powered via Beats Audio
  12. Customizable tags for personalizing your Project Shield

Finally it was mentioned Project Shield should hit the market in just a few months. By that time a new name and some design refinements may hit the Shield before the project closes.

Shawn Sanders

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