We like to think Green here at GR, and that was before skyrocketing energy costs, although that did little to sway us. Only with such infused noble intentions could one grin ear-to-ear over waste management. But that’s just what BigBelly’s duo of ambitious multipurpose waste management solutions is capable of…

The company, founded in 2003, has a forward thinking eco-friendly mindset centered on greener and cleaner streets to help mold happy, proud citizens. With this aim BigBelly has created the BigBelly on-site solar powered trashcan and trash compactor into a single full covered unit. The full enclosure helps the machine retain garbage, recycling and fight against wind and vandalism.

The design is customizable and can be made “smarter” by utilzing SmartBelly components, which can be monitored with the adjoining Clean Management Console application for iOS and Android. The companion app will be an invaluable tool for supervisors, management and staff monitoring the BigBellys garbage. The app can pull real-time dump data with up-to-the-minute capacity status, ┬áhistorical analysis, heatmapping for planning pick-ups based on capacity levels, diversion rate reporting and it can be accessed at anytime using your mobile device.

For information on BigBelly or how might order BigBelly for you area or campus visit http://www.bigbelly.com/

Source | Via: BigBelly Solar

Shawn Sanders

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