Leap Motion‘s gesture control technology, designed to create a better way for people to interact with their electronic devices, will be exclusively available at Best Buy. The controllers will be available for pre-order starting in February (the product is not yet visible on Best Buy’s website). You can also fill out the pre-order form on Leap Motion’s website.

David Holz, one of the brains behind Leap Motion, says that the company aimed to make “molding virtual clay as easy as molding clay in the real world.” Four years of research and prototypes later, the Leap controller is ready. At some point, the technology is expected to be used inside laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets as well.

To use the iPod-sized Leap, simply connect it to your computer’s USB port, install the software and start moving your fingers. The technology tracks your movements intuitively and seamlessly, with no lag time. It’s able to be so precise because it can track hundreds of thousands of points at a time – and even though it’s small, the Leap gives you 8 cubic feet of 3D interaction space.

You can use the Leap for all sorts of gaming (drawing is particularly fun), signing your name and even performing medical procedures. In the future, the developers hope to see apps created specifically for the gesture control technology.

Amanda Pendolino

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