And here we are with yet another music service. Well, not quite new as much as reborn…and not fully developed. Hmmm… Let me explain. Music streaming service MOG reared its head just to say goodbye. This is six months after the acquisition by Beats by Dre. With a new year comes new things. MOG is no more. From its ashes, Beats Electronics introduces the Project Daisy music streaming service.  Reported prior, Beats’ two dads Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine would head up whatever MOG was to become. Today Topspin head Ian Rogers was made CEO by Iovine himself. Rogers is tasked with molding MOG into Daisy.

No real plans have been made public. But Engadget reports, the company will leverage the mighty Beats name and marketing muscle to get the company poppin’! Trent Reznor is mentioned as someone attached to the project, which supposedly will begin focused on mobile devices like iOS, Android and Windows 8. Pay models have not been determined.

Shawn Sanders

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