Last summer we put Archos bold ARCHOS Gen 10 tablet through the GR meat grinder. It came out the other end a bit worse for the wear but otherwise was a solid product. Easily the standout feature on the Gen 10 was the creative yet blissfully simple detachable keyboard that doubled as a protective cover. It seems the cunning minds at ARCHOS realize they’ve captured a bit of lightning in the proverbial bottle.

Today ARCHOS has announced the Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad and it is wholly inspired by the Gen 10 tablet. The PR states a news division is responsible for this gem. This division will be focused on sharing ARCHOS designs with other brands. Well that’s swell! Back the pad.

The Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad is noticeably thin. It’s easily the thinnest iPad keyboard on the block at 0.2”. Like the one on the Gen 10 it features an adjustable kickstand, magnetic bonding for easy quick coverage that remains in place. iPad will also turn on and off based on attaching or removing the keyboard. The battery life isn’t outlined but is said to be “long” due to the keyboard’s Bluetooth connection.

Shawn Sanders

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