Apple iPad vs. Razer Edge (comparison)

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iPad 4 vs Razer_edge
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9 Comments to Apple iPad vs. Razer Edge (comparison)

  1. Diamond Ammo

    No! Don’t even SAY ipad in the same sentence as the razer edge! Just no! no! Razer edge is a full gaming pc in tablet form, ipad is just……..a giant ipod touch

  2. For the same price, you can get an extremely nice gaming laptop with far better specs while still being very portable. Let’s be honest, people. The thing is a brick and the battery life is likely to be so horrible (all rigs with high end specs are battery hogs, no getting around it with current technology) that you’ll be plugged in most of the time anyway, completely defeating the point of being mobile in the first place.

    I like the way they’re thinking. I’d love nothing more than a truly portable gaming device that can play REAL games, not apps, and can connect to a large display whenever I so choose. This is not the answer to that. My Asus RoG laptop does all this for me in a slightly less portable package and with a lot more power. I’ll check back in a few years when they slim this baby down and improve the battery life.

  3. I always laugh at these weight comments. The ipad is shy of 1.5lbs and the edge is 1 lb more at best. Why make this god awful comparison? Why complain about something that’s barely 2lbs? Go carry around a laptop for day…. let’s see how you like carrying that around for a day. Gaming laptops typically run 4-10 lbs and Ultrabooks typically run 3-4 lbs regardless of which are bigger.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaa

    What a pointless comparison, the ipad and the razer edge are completely seperate products, thats like comparing a tablet with an alienware PC….oooh the tablet is lighter and has a camera….yes but the other plays any game you ask it to, which is the entire point of the product.
    Also, you say “you don’t know the size”….?….it is a 10.1″ tablet, the same size as the ipad.

  5. Because the edge also is versatile, being a home console, a mobile console, and a laptop, or even a stationary computer (trough home console addon), should you not compare how the two systems handles each of those scenarios also? And can you change battery while a game is running on ipad? With mobile console dock and the netbook dock you can do this on the edge, which gives as long battery life as you have charged batteries…

  6. What a stupid comparison…. A tablet designed for web browsing and media consumption, versus, what is essentially a gaming laptop.

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