Are you satisfied with your 21st Century? Writer and manly man of bearded repute, Warren Ellis posed this very question in graphic novel form. The series was called Doktor Sleepless and pits a disgruntled technological genius against modernity itself. The good “Doktor” operates under the notion, if we can’t have the future we were promised, with its flying cars, instant-everything and remote-controlled everything else, then the world should be destroyed to spite those feeding off humanity’s stagnant technological growth and the counter-culture that resulted. It’s heady and convoluted but definitely interesting stuff.

Some of the gadget in that series remind me of the Almond+ Fast touchscreen router. It’s supposedly a “Blazing Fast 802.11ac WiFi – 1.12Gb/s. Compatible with 100′s of Z-Wave and ZigBee smart sensors. The router is dual band and capable of covering 5000 square feet.  It features and integrate “Smarthome” hub. It claims speed 4x that of typical wireless N-routers. The stand is detachable and the unit can be wall mounted.

Of course there’s an App for that. With the companion app you can remotely adjust home security, thermostat, turn on your coffee maker, lighting, home theater system and a wealth of other features are all accessible while away from your home. Almond+ could be the one device to bind them all, seriously. The power and implications are seemingly endless and for a mere $99.

Almond+ is currently in Kickstarter crowd-funding over. It still has 43 days to go before it’s piping and hot and ready to ship. Check it out and toss a buck or two if you can! But until then get a few pointers from Tex Avery on what you may be able to do with your SmartHome.

Shawn Sanders

Shawn loves gadgets, literature, history and games. For 10yrs+ he's straddled both the comic book & video game industries, as a writer, editor, marketing officer & producer. Shawn got his start in tech & games as an editor & Hardware Director for More notable accomplishments include Executive Producer on mobile games Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved & The Shroud.