24 of the Best Movies Streaming for January – 2013 Edition (LIST)

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12 Comments to 24 of the Best Movies Streaming for January – 2013 Edition (LIST)

  1. Before watching the film is that they are sensations or location. Know about the movie and consider it a very good feeling. We realize that its a good job.

  2. I only seen a couple of movies on here that i might be interested in watching so i added them to netflix. Thanks for the help on what movies netflix has. I think most of these are your favorites but thats ok it is your site. I was kinda hoping to find a page that showed what netflix’s top movies were kinda like top rated on netflix. But anyway’s thx for some of the idea’s and who cares what others say. Some people just don’t know how to keep their mouth shut when it comes to them not being happy. Not sure why they have to put negative crap down instead if they didn’t like what you put then they could of just exit out and found something else that their wanting. Dumbasses

  3. Constructive criticism

    That was the most annoying webpage to scroll down ever. Every time I passed a movie the website reloaded with a car ad. Terrible.

  4. Drive is the most horrible, P.O.S. movie I think I may have ever watched in my entire life…so thank you to whomever compiled this list for leading me to the most wasteful hour and 40 minutes I have ever wasted.

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