These Visible G Electroluminescent USB Charging Cables allow you to actually see the charge flows going down the charging cables to your iPhone or Android devices so that you know you’re gadgets are getting fully charged. Embedded in this charging cable is a filament of electroluminescent cabling that glows as the charge flows down the cable. The glow looks as if it’s marching down the length of the cable, down to your device, so you get instant visual feedback that power is flowing!

And as it hits a full charge, you’ll notice the little blue glowing “ants” of electricity marching slower and slower as it trickles to a near dead stop, alerting you that your device is now ready to be used and is fully charged. These USB Charging cables for your Android and iOS devices that support Dock-Connector are 80cm long, 31.5 inches. The faster the “march” of glowing “ants,” the more power is flowing to compatible devices, which include: all Android devices that support microUSB and some iOS devices. It doesn’t work with the iPhone 5,iPod Touch 5th Generation, Ipad 4th Generation or iPad Mini. And it’s not compatible with a  Lightning connector without the dock adapter. But it does support high-amp “rapid charging” modes for power-hungry devices. Pricing starts at $14.99 and goes up to $19.99, depending on what device you’ll be using it for.

Kristie Bertucci

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