According to one Gizmodo reader, the new Star Trek movie, “Into Darkness,” will not include the villainous character Khan from Star Trek II.  Instead, and again this is according to the Giz reader Thomas Steves, the villain is Gary Mitchell.

Gary Mitchell is a character that appeared in the second pilot episode of Star Trek, the original TV series.  While on a mission to search for a 200-year-old missing ship, a ship called SS Valiant, Kirk crosses some sort of unforeseen barrier, causing him and his crew to retreat after being pummeled by the invisible force.  In the wake of the barrier, the ship’s psychiatrist and  Gary Mitchell are knocked unconscious. When Gary Mitchell comes to, his eyes grow silver in color, he goes a bit wacko, and suddenly has been bestowed with telepathic and telekinetic power.

So there you have it.  The name Gary Mitchell leaves much to be desired, but that might explain why the film is called Into Darkness. That and apparently Gary Mitchell begins to go blind as result of his newly acquired telekinetic skills.

Check out the second Star Trek “Into Darkness” trailer above.  The movie releases nationwide on May 17th, 2013.

Christen Costa

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