Who wants to be normal?  Normal is complacency.  Normal is safe.  Normal is the antithesis of “no risk, no reward”.  Mini is the abnormal.  Mini is anything but normal, as the brand proved in the earlier 1960s when the  British Motor Corporation (BMC) unveiled the pint sized beast.

The Mini’s two door design and unique good looks are the epitome of “big personality in a small package.”  It also takes on the adage of “don’t judge a books by its cover”, as today’s Minis deliver exceptional performance in an everyday car that is masked with a unique flare that individuals of a uncompromising ilk seek.

In fact, the Mini was born out of necessity due to a fuel shortage caused by the 1956 Suez Crisis when fuel was rationed in the UK and larger car sales dipped.  The result was a vehicle that was capable of carrying a 6-foot person, yet only measured  10×4×4 feet.  To accommodate the Mini’s rather small, and anything but normal design, the team behind the car mounted the engine transversely, with the engine-oil-lubricated, four-speed transmission in the sump, and by employing front-wheel drive – front wheel drive cars have since followed a similar design, thus Mini’s ability to redefine normal, and be anything but.

Today’s Mini still embody the car’s unique style, as you can see in this above video that features a variety of intriguing street artists.

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Christen Costa

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