The glitz, glamour, elbow-rubbing and star-studded Mountain Dew and Doritos peddlers were all out in droves this past Friday for the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Like most things that have to do with mainstream gaming, the show just keeps getting bigger and brighter. But when that’s not enough add Sam Jackson and stir for “Instant Epic” (creative expletives sold separately).

I almost never watch the annual VGA awards. Sure I report on games and even play them sometimes (well more than some). Somehow I seem to do alright annually skipping out on any award shows held for toiletries and twisty ties.  But I still use those daily and respect the guarded mysteries behind their creation. So if you too were off enjoying your weekend instead tenaciously awaiting the next bit of unplayable gaming media, then you’ll appreciate this brief rundown of all the world premieres in a nice bite-sized news post. Enjoy!

Tomb Raider World

Since last year, when we first saw this new younger grimier Lara, I have been intrigued. This is not your mother’s Tomb Raider. This remix of the affluent British Lass is decidedly more layered and appealing.

Dark Souls II

The PC version of highly acclaimed Dark Souls finally made it from it’s console dwellings to the god boxes of the PC master race. Sadly it came with little polish or less new content. But the game in general is already a classic that demands a sequel, and here we are.

BioShock Infinite

This new media from Irrational Games, comes just in time to assuage the cold sting that came with yet another delay announcement. Yup! BioShock Infinite has been pushed back, AGAIN. So if you’re keeping score… Multiplayer has been axed and won’t be included, the dev team lost some key figures and now we’re up to delay #2. Well at least we have a new gameplay trailer.

The Last of Us

This one has been on the lips of console games since around this time last year. It looks like more Uncharted-style epic-meets-Resident Evil is coming our way. The graphics looks amazing!

The Phantom Pain

Look at this! What the heck is this?! Men in combat boots, guns, frantic running, explosions, chaos…?! The rumor mill on the interweb has folks speculating this may be the next thing from Hideo Kojima. What do you think? Is this Metal Gear 5?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2

The latest in the Castlevania series is heading to consoles soonly. We got a teaser during the VGA. But this full trailer didn’t pop up until today.  This is GR and we won’t abide any “teasing”.

Assassin’s Creed III: The Tyrrany of King Washington

I love reimagining history. The idea of Abe Lincoln – Vampire Slayer is great fun. The thought of stuffy old Abe, back flipping and beheading the creatures of the night is both creative and hilarious. But here we are again. This time Assassin’s Creed has turned our most prominent founding father into a despot. Ubisoft brings Assassin’s Creeed III: The Tyranny of King Washington. I wonder if he still chops down his own cherry trees?

Shawn Sanders

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