I would argue that the solid state game would not be where it is today if not for OCZ Technology. The company has made incredible leaps and bounds with solid state drive tech. To get here OCZ has kicked out more drives than an overly rowdy drive-in theater. They offer all manner of SSDs, for performance, value and a mix in between. Not to mention the OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCI-Express SSD is the envy of system builder everywhere with its burly 1TB capacity.

Firm in where they stand in the market and in the eyes of consumers, OCZ Technology ups the ante. There latest performance SSD  line – the Vector Series SATA III boast some impressive specs. OCZ states the drive is rated for 100,000 random read and 95,000 random write IOPS. That’s smokin’ fast! This is a 7mm slim 2.5-inch SSD, which ships with 3.5-inch adapter bracket to increase fit options and the Acronis True Image cloning software. The unit looks pretty slick and is a departure, aesthetically from past designs.

For this series, OCZ has toiled to construct their own proprietary controller. The Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller is the company’s own silicon paired with its own firmware, all built from the ground up.  This is a first for OCZ and they seem proud.

The company had this to say,

Endurance was a major priority in the design of the Vector Series, and the highly intelligent Barefoot 3 controller includes an advanced suite of flash management tools that can analyze and dynamically adapt to increasing NAND vulnerabilities as flash cells wear or process geometries get smaller. In this way, the Barefoot 3 controller overcomes the shortcomings associated with MLC NAND flash memory and is specified to deliver 20GB host writes per day for 5 years. This 5-year warranty ensures that Vector SSDs can be reliably used in a wide range of high performance computing environments over an extended lifetime.

Full press release can be found here. Full specifications found here!

The new Barefoot 3 – controlled Vector SSDs are available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models. 

Shawn Sanders

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