NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor details lead 4plus1 quadcore, 28nm, six times the power of Tegra 3

Today’s naming conventions and nomenclature for the tech products that power our modern world are things I appreciate greatly. For only in the deep recesses of the power nerd’s formidable brain could titles such as “Jelly Bean” and “Ice Cream Sandwich” be taken serious enough to be uttered aloud during those stuffy research and development meetings and focus groups. And that’s just the Google/Android camp.

Camp Nvidia shows their unshakable Teflon nerd status by naming the next few lines of mobile processors after the superheros they undoubtedly still follow to this day (I am in incredibly nerdy company apparently). The roadmap for what I call the “Avenging League of Justice” will include the heroic processing of  “Stark,” “Logan,” “Kal-El” and “Wayne”. The latter, “Wayne” is allegedly the title of their impending Tegra 4 processor. Engagdet reports on leaked details stating the processor is set to go heads-up, fista cuffs-style against the newest mobile processors marching out of Qualcomm and Samsung.

The list of proposed specs reveals a contender potentially ready for the big fight. Engadget reports, “here’s a dizzying 72-core graphics setup. That’s six times as many GPU cores as Tegra 3 — the processor found in the Nexus 7, for example — and the increase is claimed to result in six times the overall visual performance. Those graphics cores will be able to feed displays of up to 2,560 x 1600, with 1080p output at 120Hz, while the leak also mentions 4K — if only in passing.” While Wayne will make use of ARM’s new Cortex-A15 design, the core count on the processor will remain the same. Other notable features include USB 3.0 support and DDR3L dual channel memory.

We’ll keep our open for Wayne (maybe Catwoman will be with him) at next month/year’s CES show in Las Vegas.

Shawn Sanders

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