Motorola Droid Razr M Review

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Motorola Droid Razr M-9204
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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

17 Comments to Motorola Droid Razr M Review

  1. The Motorola Droid Turbo is the new king when it comes to battery. The only sad thing is that it is verizon exclusive and I use AT&T. The day Droid Turbo comes to AT&T… I will buy it!

  2. The only real strike against this smartphone is its slightly underwhelming camera. If you want an excellent user experience at a reasonable price, the RAZR M is your best choice on Verizon Wireless.

  3. #AwfulMotorolaService #DontBuy

    I have contacted your Customer
    Service department four times over the past two weeks after my phone froze and
    died and I tried to have it fixed under warranty. The first two incidents were
    complete failures and showed the complete incompetency of your service representatives.
    They both were unable to fully operate what appear to be antiquated or faulty
    computer systems as neither was able to send me an email and record my contact
    information, the two simplest tasks that their job entails. After the failures
    their supervisor was able to send me an email, which unfortunately lied to me
    concerning your service conditions. My final call was with two representatives,
    neither of which would grant my simple request of speaking to a customer
    service department supervisor. They were either complete imbeciles or were
    trying to keep me from lodging a complaint with a living person. The only thing
    they told me was that customer
    support lied to me in previous calls saying that I would receive my
    phone in 5 days. Now they are saying 10 days and that the emails and service
    reps were “misinformed”. Once I called back and was able to speak to a REAL
    supervisor he said that I couldn’t speak to someone with real authority because
    all corporate customer service representatives
    left after 4:00. So that’s what
    they call real service now? I had bought this phone after Moto Mobility
    was acquired by Google because I thought it would be a dependable piece of technology
    with admirable customer service from the tech giant known for its good business
    practices, instead I’ve been lied to, frustrated, and been without communications.
    Because of this incident I’ll make sure to warn away all other potential
    customers of Motorola and dispose of this phone as quickly as possible for my
    old iPhone.

  4. iI was all ready to buy this phone. It seemed to have everything i wanted – especially the smallish size. then i read about th camera. :( Any advice for another quality phone that’s on the small side with a better camera. I’m not generally fond of apple products though.

  5. Okay, maybe it’s just because I’m old-fashioned (or old) but I can’t help but notice the review says NOTHING about how the phone actually sounds. I personally don’t give a rat’s behind about most of the gadgets that these things have, but do care about how it sounds when it’s being used as a phone. Where is that review? Mr. Pikover, while I’m sure you covered everything the typical smart phone user cares about, you missed the ball on this one.

    • It’s a cell phone. You talk into it, and you can hear people talking to you also. There is your review on how the phone actually sounds.

      • The speaker is horrible with this phone. Callers seem to understand me just fine but voices sound muffled on my end. I am constantly having to ask people to repeat what they said.

  6. Perhaps I haven’t tweaked all of the available battery settings, but my Razr M can barely make it through the day. There are times when the battery expends more than it charges if I use it while it is plugged in. I am not too impressed.

  7. mike ruggiero

    Pretty much a perfect phone except for some simple but agravating things. Its not too smart for filling forms, as when you tap to enter a number like a zip code, usually the key pad doesn’t change to numeric. When the 5 numbers are entered it doesn’t switch back either. The grammar correction could use some work, especially the apostrophe when needed. It really could use a delete button rather than just a back space. Inserting the cursor for a correction can be tricky and takes more time. my biggest pet peeve is with the keypad. Why the comma, the most used punctuation, isn’t on the main pad is beyond me. That also goes for the @ sign, as it was on my first DROID. Wouldn’t be so bad if the pad switched when the field was tapped. Some cheap phones do that. On browsing: go to Google, enter a website, and get more pages into it. Guess what? No quick exit; you have to tap back all the way to get out. And by the way, I traded in for this 6 months ago at a Verizon store and paid $200 with a 2 year renewed contract. I don’t know if the new DROID S addresses any of these issues.

  8. Nice review. The Razr M is does not retail for $50, rather it is $550. For us Californians, the phone is taxed at the full retail price. So if you leave Costco with it you pay a little over ~$100. Wirefly does not charge taxes on the full retail price.

    • James Pikover

      It’s $50 for a two-year contract plus the phone. But like all smartphones today, if you buy it off contract it will be much more expensive.

      • Exactly. I didn’t mean to be nerdy but “retail” has a very specific meaning when it comes to the phones. What most of us see when we upgrade by renewing our two year contracts is in fact a “subsidized” price.

        I believe the confusing language and terms are intentionally meant to befuddle the public, that is on, on the part of the mobile industry.

  9. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE! motorola just updated it to jelly bean and now you cannot connect with usb to put on music or photos! motocast is not supported by razr m. the only way to put info on your phone is to put it in google cloud which means you stream form the internet to your phone and your info on online! not the phone. You cannot go into the phone at all to organize files or anything! we are taking it back today to get the Droid Razr Maxx instead which another member of our household has and works fantastic!

    • James Pikover

      That’s not accurate. First, the Razr HD Maxx (assuming you meant the latest model, not last year’s device) just got Jelly Bean as well. Second, Jelly Bean may have killed Motocast but you can still drag and drop files directly onto the OS. I know because I do that for several of our benchmark applications.

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