For runners who want to just monitor their heart rate comes MIO’s new Alpha Heart rate monitor watch, which provides users a seamless and bulk-free way to check their heart rate stats. For $199, the monitor watch uses an electro-optical cell and a pair of light beams to track the volume of blood under the wrist, and compensates for the usual jostling through a motion sensor, resulting in a an accurate read at up to a 12 mph pace without adding extra bulk that runners don’t necessarily appreciate.

It also has a very intuitive display with just two button to push. Features include: a continuous heart rate display, user settable heart rate zones with visual and audible alerts, data review, timer, clock and Bluetooth Smart connectivity. But for those who want extra data can easily get GPS and other less cardiovascular measurements to a smartphone or bike computer by pairing it via Bluetooth 4.0. It’ll be available early next year.




Kristie Bertucci

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