You all can guess what I do for a living. It’s pretty obvious. But did you know I am a professional “sitter”. In fact I think I’m the best at sitting than just about anyone. Writing and reporting, I spend countless hours cultivating this talent. Because of such, my derrière had launched a veritable insurrection accompanied by a siege of chronic back pain. Needless to say, my exalted skills in sitting began to suffer. So the hunt for a posterior savior is afoot.

Enter the ergonomic ReGeneration Flex chair from Knoll. This liberator of the “tuckus” gives new meaning to the term “armchair athlete”.  The model sent to us is colored black. But they all look great with stylized contours that will compliment any modern desk or office space. Knoll also offers a number of ways for you to customize your chair before you buy. The’re various types of fabrics for the cushion, the flex back netting comes in different types and the base, or feet, come in dark plastic or polished aluminum. Our unit features “Onyx” flex netting and cushion fabric as well as the dark plastic base.

The ReGeneration chair serves up some impressive features. You can adjust the  height of the chair, the depth of the seat cushion, independently raise or lower each arm rest, tighten/loosen the back for enhanced lumbar support and more. Making adjustments is super easy using the levers under the seat. It’s so convenient I have no problem readjusting for the three different folks who now sit in it regularly – my cute stubby-legged -leg wife and long-legged daughter.

One size really does fit all, with a few adjustments here and there.  Sit in it how you want. The wide lower back supports you effectively while sitting straight up or sitting at an angle sideways. I can’t speak highly enough on this product. The seating options are heaven sent. I can adjust the arm rests height for gaming and the position of the arm rest padding for typing.

This little cut of excellence is proof, Knoll has mastered the “game of thrones,” in more ways than one. The ReGeneration plays to your environmentalist sensibilities by using materials constructed from a number of eco-friendly sources. Corn by-product for the flex back, 35 “environmental fabrics,” aluminum, recyclable plastics and more are among these. Good job Knoll!

The ReGeneration may not come cheap. But are your back and buttocks not worth the ergonomic love? My parting words… They’ve gone and put a big cheek-to-cheek smile on my badonkadonk. Now there’s a visual.

Editor Rating:

Rating: ★★★★½


Review of Knoll ReGeneration Ergonomic Chair by
Bottom Line:
4.5/ 5.0
Some of the best love to which you could ever treat your bum. Just be prepared sacrifice an arm or leg for that price.


  • Endless comfort
  • Numerous seating options
  • Easy and effective adjustment options
  • Made from various green materials


  • A throne of such regal status doesn’t come cheap!

The Knoll ReGeneration chair is available from Knoll for $744.32



Shawn Sanders

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