iPhone 5 Review

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

7 Comments to iPhone 5 Review


  2. I think it would be fair to say that James’ review has “pushed, pressed, and prodded” at least a couple people’s buttons, so to speak.
    Frankly, it could have used some editing; the article reads like a comparison of middle-shelf vodkas directly after an indulgent taste-test.

    That said, I will likely upgrade to the new iPhone. Although I’m not thrilled about the move away from GoogleMaps and the unimproved battery life, the iPhone continues to be the Pinnacle Whipped crème de la crème of smart phones, if you will.

  3. Clearly you did not pass the 5th grade. So many typos and grammatical errors that I think my head is going to explode. If you are going to write a professional review for people to read, please proof read your article before submital.

    • Yeah, I noticed that too when I read the Samsung Galaxy Note II review. (The latter which I thought was a better review and now I’m kind of convinced to get it than the iPhone 5.)

    • You missed the comma after “clearly”, which should be parenthetic. Your second sentence is a subject without at predicate. You also spelled “submittal” wrong. If you’re going to criticize grammar and typos, you had better show that you have some authority on the subject. A review is a review – it’s not a work of art. So long as it’s understandable, it’s effective. It takes a douchebag to criticize syntax and spelling when they’re irrelevant to the work’s purpose.

  4. This has got to be the most single handed pathetic review i have ever had the misfortune to read.. how is the design less appealing ? maybe to blind people.. but everyone i know absolutely loves the new design! and i myself think the brushed aluminium is absolutely fab and quite frankly no android or windows phone will ever match apples build quality for a few years still. Its light.. its stupidly fast.. and whats all this about easy to damage? had my white iphone 5 for 3 months.. (in the pocket use as you state) and i dont have any damage? maybe if you leave keys or coins in your pocket then yes it will cause minor scuffs.. but this review is a joke.. some of the cons are laughable.

    Its the best and most elegant phone i have used to date.. i have had android phones and i previously owned the Iphone 4 before upgrading to the 5. and can honestly say its the best decision i’ve ever made!

    • gadgetreview

      So I have to chime in for a few reasons. First off, aesthetics are largely subjective, but I can understand James’s point andyours as well. In terms of the damage: it’s a widely known issue, and one that I experienced after owning it for a few weeks. Take a close look at your handset, and if not now, I can almost guarantee you’ll start to see nicks in the finish. Nevertheless, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I believe that your comment is a bit harsh based on what little you cited above.

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