As the “PC Gadget and Personal Audio” editor here at the exalted GR, I thought I knew a thing or two about canorous sound and maybe even good music. Well I used to think that until today. On this glorious afternoon, game publisher Bethesda let loose a piece of media that is both exciting and excruciating. It’s a  gameplay trailer for the first DLC for Dishonored, Bethesda’s sly and sneaky first-person action game.

The DLC will be the game’s first and will test the mettle of virtual assassins via a series of trials and such. This one doesn’t add anything new to the single player story at all. So prepare to stick and move!

The aforementioned “exciting” bits are all the cool kill moves and gameplay featured in the video. The “excruciating” part is where my ears bleed uncontrollably while I torture them with the horrid “rap” song the trailer is spewing. There is a soft spot in my audio heart for nearly all forms of music (yes even dubstep). But this…!? This cat has no flow. This is just a mistake no apologetic lamentations could make right. For shame, Bethesda! But then again, maybe I don’ t know good music at all.

Dishonored: Dunwall City DLC will be available December 11.

Shawn Sanders

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