Well here’s something interesting. In a bit of undoubtedly expensive marketing, EA and Crytek have locked arms with a real film director–and it’s not Uwe Boll. Yay! This director is actually one I follow. One-half of the Hughes Brothers director-duo, the Crysis 3 camp has brought in Mr. Albert Hughes to direct a online series of videos  - The Seven Wonders of Crysis 3. To do so, Albert and his crew are using the CryEngine 3 game engine. The very same engine used to develop EA’s impending Crysis 3 action game. The first of these is embedded above.

Fans of urban crime dramas like Menace II Society and Dead Presidents are already familiar with the brothers’ co-directorial work. But it was their film adaptation of Alan Moore’ gripping and vivid graphic novel From Hell and the relatively accomplished work on The Book of Eli that really illustrated the level of skill their craft has reached.

It’s was a heap of fun. But I have to admit I was not pleased last year’s exosuit-laden FPS frag-fest Crysis 2 was unfashionably attired with an API now a decade old. Why? The original PC-only Crysis brought systems to their knees supporting DirectX 10 right out of the box. So the DX9 treatment on Crysis 2 seemed like a step backward technically. Eventually sure DirectX 11 was patched in (albeit optionally).

With all that said Crysis 3 is looking quite attractive. Lets hope it’s all that and suit full of cybernetically enhanced nanites, come February 19th 2013 for EA Games.

Source | Via: Bluesnews

Shawn Sanders

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