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Mio Alpha Heart Rate Watch

MIO Alpha Heart Monitor Watch (video)

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For runners who want to just monitor their heart rate comes MIO’s new Alpha Heart rate monitor watch, which provides users a seamless and bulk-free way to check their heart rate stats. For $199, the monitor watch uses an electro-optical cell and a pair of light beams to track the volume of...

nudifer app

Free Nüdifier App Makes Your Friends Naked


Have you wanted to see your hot co-worker naked or wondered what your best friend looked like with no clothes? Well now you can with the Nüdifier App that allows you to make your friends stark naked! The app was featured as Gizmodo’s “App of the Day” and is easy to use...

Death Star Bottle Opener

Death Star Bottle Opener


Bottle openers have no personality these days. Which is what makes this Death Star Bottle Opener so cool! Knock back a couple of brewskies using this cool bottle opener that’s shaped like Darth Vader’s infamous Death Star from Star Wars. The innovative opener features an easy grip for opening bottles...

Canoe Wars - by Canoe Brewpub

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Gingerbread Creation


With the holidays approaching, you might already be baking your gingerbread creations for gifts, parties or just as a festive (and delicious) decoration for your home/office. Why not skip the traditional gingerbread house/gingerbread man for something a bit more exciting…like this totally cool and realistic gingerbread Star Wars Millennium Falcon! It...

Fast Track Trampoline Sidewalk

Fast Track Trampoline Sidewalk by Salto Architects


Trampolines are always fun, but how awesome would it be if you’d be able to jump your way to places using a trampoline sidewalk? Well Estonian firm Salto Architects thought of just that with their Fast Track springy trampoline sidewalk that allows users to jump as a mode of transportation....

PS Vita Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: PlayStation Vita

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For mobile gaming on the go, the choices are few but much more difficult than ever before. In many ways, the old allure of high-end versus low-end gaming on portable devices — a choice between Sony and Nintendo, respectively — was an easy one to make. Most people know what...


2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Xbox 360


At least in the US, the Xbox 360 is the console of choice. It has some of the best games, it’s the most well designed, and even developers still like it more after the horrifying software requirements in building PS3 games. Most Xbox 360 owners are very happy with their...