Can’t find a Wii U for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or your imagined holiday of choice (or perchance a real one)? We’ve been scowering the web to find some. The problem is, unless you want to be “that guy” who calls around every store to find one, read on to find the easiest way to score Nintendo’s latest console.

This article will be updated as we find more stores with Wii U consoles available for purchase. (Updated 11/19/12 2:15pm PST)

Online may be the only retailer we could find in the US that will still sell the Wii U online. They are, however, ripping customers off with a $60 fee, albeit free shipping (with unknown 5-10 day delivery) for the basic console and one game, which should cost $300 total. But if you can’t find a local retailer selling the Wii U and are desperate, then there you go.



Target is one of the few retailers that not only has the Wii U in stock, they’ll even tell you if there’s one in a store near you. In the LA area I found three stores within a relatively close distance that have stock (note, not limited stock…they have both models and they are readily available for purchase), and another four that are in desperate driving distance should the need occur. Most won’t reserve it for you if you’re paranoid about making sure they have a unit by the time you get there, but some of you may get lucky.

Sam’s Club

The membership-required store lists that they have the Wii U available for in-store purchase at a number of their stores locally and around the country. Of course, you’ll need to be a member to purchase from Sam’s Club, which costs at least $35/year.

Maybe, but probably not



Sears’ website lists that it has the Wii U available in-store, but after throwing in a number of different local and random zip codes into the “do we have stock” locator, I only came up empty handed. It’s possible that they haven’t updated…I mean, who goes to Sears anyways?


The local retailer (local to Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois) says that it has the Wii U in stock for in-store purchase, but like Sears they don’t do a great job of saying which stores actually have them. However, my lack of knowledge of Meijer (I never heard of them until writing this article) could be part of the problem.

Don’t buy here



Simple: they don’t have any. Not online, not in store, none, period. is overcharging nearly double the cost the Wii U consoles, and that’s from actual stores, not individual buyers. If you thought Walmart’s $60 fee was expensive, then take a look here. These companies are just trying to steal from you.

Expecting a reasonable price at Amazon? The massive online retailer didn’t even have day 1 stock, so tough luck there. Instead, stores and individuals are selling them for even more than, marking up the price enough to induce vomit. And not the kind that you get out of your system and feel better. The kind where it just never seems to stop, and your stomach hurts as you plead for mercy and are continually interrupted by BLEGH.

What are you, an idiot?

Know any other stores that have the Wii U available? Let us know in the comments below!

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