This story is a bit out there, but if you're a kid from the 70s or 80s, you might find some nerd relate-ability.  Do you remember burning leaves, or if you're a true sadist, ants with a magnifying glass?  The sun's rays are enhanced by the zoom finder enough to cause objects to smolder and light on fire.  We never thought this could randomly a liquor store.

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon when Red Line Liquors was closed on the day of rest, the sun shot through the store front's glass windows and into a stack of Karkov vodka bottles.  What happened next was a mix of force majeur and bad luck; the cardboard case holding the bottles of booze lit on fire shooting flames as high as 12-feet and causing what ultimately looked like an explosion.

The cause?  The bottles of liquor were positioned in just the right position to cause a magnifying effect to the sun's rays resulting in the same childhood fire starter tendency, though no 10 year old was on hand to be blamed.  It's a pretty freak accident, and one that didn't result in any injuries.  Funny enough the store is located in Burnsville, Minnesota and has since added tinting to their store front windows.