Nintendo Wii U – Success In Doubt? Pong Creator Say, No Doubt!

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2 Comments to Nintendo Wii U – Success In Doubt? Pong Creator Say, No Doubt!

  1. %50 less than original Wii sales? I don’t think that is a problem from people not buying the Wii U. It is a distribution issue. The Wii U is selling for $50 over retail value on ebay… Even more so on amazon. Check for yourself. It is simple, supply is low demand is high. Original Wii statistics aren’t really relevant in this 2012 market, compared to the market of 2006.

    • Shawn Sanders

      Hey thanks for the comment. Relevance is subjective. Previous sales of a product predecessor are always compared to the sales of the current solution. If the sales were higher, you better believe Nintendo would have flown that flag high, regardless of the year or relevance. But there is much validity to your comment. Still there are many reasons Wii U is experience ho-hum sales vs. the original. The original broke out with 33 launch titles vs the U’s 23. Addressing your comment about availability… The original Wii was also in short supply in other territories like UK.

      Whatever the reason, my report was highlighting the difference in the sales. The reasons I put forth and quote remain valid.

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