Nintendo has lifted the gate that once barred entry from the grandeur that is the Wii U from the Mario-musing masses. Next gen is now and Nintendo is leading the charge with the motion-controlled Wii U.

Hopefully James was able to help you locate and obtain the wily and elusive “Wii U” creature. In fact, despite a relative dearth of launch titles, the Wii U has sold well. Over at Engadget they quote Nintendo’s President, Reggie Fills-Aime saying “Wii U sales crested 400 in the first week.” Mind you, the original sold 50% better, selling 600k units in it’s first week. Much of that was due to the high quality, highly well -received launch titles. Looking at you Twilight Princess! This time around Nintendo has kicked out Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. The gaming landscape has changed considerably–much of that has to do with the original Wii breaking such incredible new ground. But can the Wii U really get to PS3 and Xbox 360 status, which is where it’s aiming  judging by the internal hardware, with such a lukewarm beginning. Probably.

Lets remember, the Wii U is Nintendo’s newest more-than-a-gaming-console system that promises to pick up where the original motion-controlled Wii left off. The Wii U knockout punch is a tablet-style controller that works cohesively with your televsions and the Wii U games it displays, but the controller also functions independently like a gaming-focused iPad or an over-sized DS. Netflix is also in tow but I’m unconvinced Nintendo has any real designs on replacing your set top box. Nevertheless traditional gaming is far from the Wii U’s “one-trick”. That hardware is something special. So it will be interesting to see how 3rd party developers make use of it. Regardless Mario and Lugi need some serious engaging and compelling play dates with a lot of friends. Hopefully developers can make it happen.

What about you? Thoughts on what direction the Wii U may or should take?

Source | Via: Engadget

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