iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4 (Comparison)

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iphone5_vs_nexus 4
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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

45 Comments to iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4 (Comparison)

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  3. The writer cannot do math. You never get a phone for cheap or free. Your contract contains the cost of the phone. You can get a T-Mobile value plan or contract for far less per month than the contract. To correctly calculate this, add the difference between the contract price per month and the non-contract price. Multiply that sum by 24. Then add the phone cost. There is also another hidden difference. If you buy the phone, you will pay sales tax (unless you are in a non-sales tax state). But, if you pay through the contract, you are also paying Federal, State and local access taxes. The reason you pay those taxes is because you are paying for service. That is an extra 9% or so. Finally, if you keep the phone longer than 24 months, you save more money yet. The Nexus 4 is far cheaper. BTW, I won neither phone.

  4. This article has way too many flaws. First of all appearance is a matter of personal preference. I for one prefer the look of the Nexus 4, so that category itself seems irrelevant. If, for some reason, you want a Nexus 4 on contract, you can get one for $199 on Tmobile. Unlocked, the Nexus 4 is less than half the price of the iPhone 5, so it is MUCH cheaper. When you compare the operating systems, you have to remember to include the good things about Android like widgets and customization, and not just the bad things. And when you’re comparing these two phones specifically, don’t include the fragmentation within Android! That has nothing to do with Nexus 4, since it gets stock Android. Save that for the iOS vs Android debate.

  5. Not sure about your iphone LTE babble. According to the apple website iPhone5 comes in 3 variants. There is no combo gsm/cdma model and there is definitely no way an i5 will work on “any” LTE network in the world. James – do you just make this stuff up as you go along ??

  6. Lot of this makes no sense. First off the phones always was available on T-Mobile. Second the unlocked phone can be a huge savings because you don’t have to sign a contact and you easily can get prepaid deals from 30-60 based on your needs. On fact that the main reason as a Mac owner I don’t have an an iPhone is the cost of the plans. At a minimum an iPhone plan would cost me over $100 at a minimum. I’m paying $45 and have no contact and pay no extra ridiculous fees that can easily add. 30% tho your bill. This has been the most I’ll informed bias end article one Weber read. I know people get crazy between android and iOS and having both products I know the advantages and problems with both. Android phones can have a lot of problems.. So does the is in general, fragmentation etc. But to say buying a nexus 4 over an iPhone is just crazy.

  7. This is really bios and inaccurate review.
    I dont own nexuis 4 (it was sold out too quickly) but I own iphone 5, Optimus G (both At&t), Galaxy Note2 (Sprint) & Nexus 10 & 7.
    I ran all my devices on Geeckbench (probably most pro Apple/Ios CPU benchmark and here is what I got:
    Iphone 5: 1560
    Optimus G: 2097(I assume nexus 4 will run about tge same since its pretty much same phone)
    Galaxy Note2: 2064
    Samsung Nexus 10: 2870 (vs1789 Ipad 4 w A6x as per geeckbench data).
    Asus Nexus 7: 1387.
    Nexus 4 (as its sibling Optimus G (which by the way scored 7650 on Quadrant Standart) outperforms Iphone 5 in processing power, battery, display, build quality.and price.
    And I can also add thstnNexus 10 kills ipad4 in every way possble!

  8. Colin Griffith

    I have to admit that I’m surprised the Nexus 4 won the Display contest. I look forward to seeing the beautiful screen in person!

  9. Dalbir_Singh

    Hold on. The iPhone 5 wins on price! Have you used either device? You’re just reading off the spec sheet and comparing them. That’s not a review!

  10. mistermark123

    What a poorly written review. “My real concern with the Nexus 4 isn’t that it’s not a good device, but that it seems like it’s not intended to be a primary smartphone, whatever that means.” If you’re not even sure what you mean by your own statements, you probably shouldn’t be writing.

  11. Worst review I have ever read….very biased. I hope you didn’t get paid for this garbage or maybe apple gives out bonuses for stuff like this.

  12. This Shit, it’s a lie, the processor of Nexus 4 is powerfully than the iPhone’s processor. Isn’t the same storage in Android than iPhone. The Price? you’re crazy the iphone cost 600 ante nexus 4 300. The light in iPhone 5 is purple so isn’t good. Android 4.2 is more the fastest and smoothest OS in the market

  13. I laughed out loud at how biased you are when you actually said iPhone 5 wins at pricing… Not to mention that the rest of the article is also bullsh*t

  14. Factsstraight

    WORST REVIEW I have ever read in my entire life. Most of the facts he states are totally WRONG. Get your facts straight before you put together an article.

  15. ios has more apps in their store, almost all common apps r designed first for ios the android n later for others… n also FaceTime,imsg,iTunes things r in bonus n its easiest to use… i own android,windows,symbian,iOS but iOS 6 is best..but android is best if ur looking for video things… it has best mobile video player but audio quality of iPhones is better..

    • your comment makes no sense. Android has the largest App Store on the planet. Also the iPhone uses the cheapest audio driver and uses mono sound the audio quality is crap.

    • Yuseff Android user

      ummmm apple fan boy #13734879873499264686 aka THE Funny life
      IPhones are smartphones with training wheels. Us android fan boys don’t give two f**** about face time or Itunes. Bring up better statements, like how iphone has more pixels per inch than the nexus 4, or how it has LTE and the nexus doesn’t Those are reasonable statements. Us android guys hate it when articles are written by a bias morons. Iphones are good for old people and people who lack technical knowledge. Anything that can be done on a Linux PC (anything know to man, in computer respects) can be done on an Android. So saying that only video playback is good is preposterous. Have you seen Jellybean 4.2 or even 4.1. This shit kills apple.

  16. What did I just read. This was the worst review I have read in my entire life. This guy can’t even do simple subtraction to find that the Nexus 4 is cheaper, at least mention that it is cheaper on contract… I wish I never read this, because I didn’t know that people so ignorant and stupid actually exist. Now I do. Never visiting this website again in my life.

  17. Nexus7/iPhone5 user

    The Android fans are obviously out in force! I have been lamenting over which phone to upgrade to from my iPhone 3Gs, and this review hit most of the points that are relevant to me. I’m a huge Google user and love my Nexus 7, for use on the couch, reading, on my desk etc. My phone is almost redundant apart from navigation, music in the car, pics on the fly and um… making phone calls! I don’t really care about customization for a lesser used device, and I don’t want or need a large screen on my phone. Looks like it’s an iPhone 5 for me.

    • First sensible comment. My hat goes of to you :)

      Why do Android fans get so angry and full of hate for iOS? Android is a great OS and I’m picking up a Nexus 4 for fun, just because they are such good value and because I want updates directly from Google. However I’ll still be using my iPhone 5 as my daily driver, largely due to LTE. I also like the compact size and weight of the iPhone 5, not to mention it takes better photos. This isn’t some made up fan-boy claim, the comparisons and reviews are out there for all to see and the Nexus 4 has reduced cost by going with a lower quality camera sensor. Although I do prefer Jellbean’s camera features with the cool new thumb access so really its a bit of tie.

      I think my ideal phone would be iPhone 5 hardware running Android :). The next best thing to that is jailbreaking though, and as soon as the iPhone 5 jailbreak drops it will become a much more capable and less restricted device thanks to the thousands of tweaks and 3rd party apps in Cydia.

  18. AnonymousDeveloper

    James, you are the biggest moron that I have ever seen. You are insanely ignorant, and have no idea about what you are saying. Please go do something else and stop writing these pathetic and biased reviews.

  19. Nicole Delloch

    Worst review EVER!!! How anyone can say ios 6 is better than 4.2 Jellybean obviously has not used both devices for any amount of time. The skinny iPhone 5 looks anorexic compared to the big boy phone called the Nexus 4. Overall the iPhone might prove better for the average consumer but some of the points that you make are ridiculous.

  20. Zolster Mackridge

    What a pathetic and horrible review. Completely biased and a total joke. Apple f**ked up big time with their egotistical values and iPhone 5. I used to be a big time apple fan but have now come to terms that iOS experience sucks as Android gets better and better. How could you even think about ranking iphone 5 better than nexus 4 especially in pricing. Subsidies come with stupid contracts. iphone 5 looks ugly and long. iphone 5 gets point only in wireless connectivity and storage.

  21. Clearly the worst review I have ever read, and I assure you that many of them have been far out there before. Please, for the sake of humanity, don’t ever torture anyone again with your evident lack of knowledge.

  22. I Agree, terrible review, 8X storage capacity? IOS better than Android? And price wtf? Even appearance Nexus 4 looks way better than Iphone 5.. apple fanbooy

  23. this i the worst article i have come across in a long time. james is comparing iphone to nexus 4 and i am pretty sure has never seen nexus 4 as can be seen by his conclusion of camera test where he says ” Nexus 4′s expected weak camera.”

    • I’m concerned about 4 camera & overall volume levels. Those are the two main things on the Galaxy nexus that really frustrates me. Saw the phone in person but couldn’t test camera. Voice level was only slightly better so not sure it would make enough of a differencedifference and was really surprised this +42 speed was actually slower my +21 Galaxy Nexus

  24. Huh?? Better get your facts straight before you do a review next time. SO MANY ERRORS! Terrible review. I hate when people do absolutely no looking into the devices they are reviewing.

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