Rejoice! Ubisoft’s latest in the Far Cry franchise is here. Well not quite “here”. But it is officially out in Europe. Tomorrow the UK get the goods with us Yanks getting our mitts on the title next week December 4th. Players Stateside should be thankful for the wait as some good things are coming to us.

First and foremost, Bluesnews shines the light, Ubisoft yesterday issued a “Day Zero Patch“.  You can find the patch notes at that link. The jist–you will find a bunch of stability and performance tweaks for Single and multiplayer, Co-op, PVP and the map editor.

Also Nvidia has kicked out new beta drivers (310.64), which allegedly increase performance by 37.6%. That’s impressive and much needed. Reports were lighting up the ‘net  stating a lack of DX11 and other performance issues were hampering the man-shoot fun.

If that’s not enough Far Cry 3 enhancement-love, a forum post on Guru3D quckly illustrates how to get your multi-GPU SLI configuration to work properly. It does require users download the handy Nvidia Inspector utility. With it you can create or customize SLI profiles and personalize your games specifically for certain games. That one definitely deserves a read.

So make sure you’re locked, loaded and updated before dip into Far Cry 3, available world over the next several days.

Shawn Sanders

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