Reach into a small crevice to tighten a screw and there is a good chance that you’ll block any of the incoming light.  Unless of course you’ve got the Craftsman 6-in-1 LED screwdriver.

This screwdriver plays the perfect complement to Craftsman’s LED Pliers.  Embedded in the bases of the handle are an array (we’re not sure how many) LED lights that can be turned on and off presumably by rotrating a ring or flipping a switch.  Sure, it seems a bit gimmicky, and it most certainly is, but for just $15 you’ll also get a 4 tips compatible with phlips and flathead screws of two different sizes.  And even better, everything is stored directly in the screwdrivers itself thanks to a removable shaft and dual head bits, so there is nothing to lose or sift through the drawer for.

Sears sells it for $15.

Source | Via: Werd

Christen Costa

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