Ohio’s Trinity Motorsports Group of Lima turned a Porsche 911 into a single-center-seat-driver at the request of a customer who wanted the car to provide a McLaren F1 driving experience. He didn’t want to chop up his Lambo Gallardo, so turned to the tuning shop to transform this 911 instead.

To create the centralized driver’s seat position, the shop had to not only shift the seat, steering wheel, shifter and pedals over to the right, BUT also the car’s gauge cluster, center stack and center console while still keeping the dash as factory-looking as possible. This wasn’t so hard for the shop to do given they do carbon composite work which made it a bit easier to custom fabricate many interior pieces. Like the McLaren F1, the Centro 911 features a center driving position but retains the 911′s rear seats for a truly unique three-passenger interior. The total cost of the transformation was about  $85,000 – on top of what the donor car cost – and it took about nine months to complete.

Kristie Bertucci

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