While the traditional tech gifts, such as phones, tablets, and computers make for excellent gifts, nothing says caring than giving the gift of utility.  What are we talking about?  Tools, as in chain saws, drills, axes, and anything that lays an assist to resolving to do items around the house.  And look no further than the Gadget Review Tools Gift Guide 2012 Edition.

Craftsman LED Screw Driver

Not every screw is masked by a shadow or dim lighting, but when it is, boy can it be a challenging job to complete.  The Craftsman LED Screw Driver includes 4 tips compatible with Philips and flathead screws of two different sizes, which are all neatly stowed away in the screwdriver itself so you’ll never have to go searching for the bit.  And better yet, there are an array of LED lights embedded in the base of the handle, which illuminate any hard to see job.  You can grab it for $13 (currently on sale).

WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

The WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver is unlike any other screwdriver on the market.  Much like a revolver, as in the hand gun, the bits are stored in a cylinder that can be instantly accessed and attached without any hassle. To load a bit you just cock back the slide similar to a hand gun and presto, it’s loaded.   Of note the 4V drill’s battery will retain its charge for up to 18-months.  You can buy the WX254L for $50 when it releases December 5th.

Black and Decker Matrix Tool

When you need the right tool you’ll in all likelihood have to go out and buy it, spending more money than you probably feel that it’s worth to complete that one job.  Not the case if you had the Black and Decker Matrix Tool.  The base system is compatible with a variety of attachments that range from a traditional drill and screwdriver setup to a trim saw attachment.   It’s available in three different power setups (12V MAX, 20V MAX, and 4.0 Amp AC) and starts at $50.

Leatherman OHT

This is the man’s man Leatherman, the OHT.  Unlike the Leathermans of a time before, which could be found in a boy scouts backpack, the Leatherman OHT is equipped with a spring action grip that improves power while reducing fatigue.  It’s replete with screwdrivers of all types, knives, a bottle and can opener and much more.  You can get the Leatherman OHT for in Desert Tan or Black for $70.

Black and Decker Gyro Screwdriver

The Gyro Screwdriver from Black and Decker switches direction and increases power with the flick of a rest.  In other words there is no trigger to mess with or finger fatigue to worry about.  Just flick your wrist one-quarter turn in the direction you want to screw.  Additional flicks in the same direction increase speed.  You can buy the Black and Decker Gyro Screwdriver for $40.

Fiskars Axes

Tell us it’s unbreakable and you’ve pretty much got us sold.  Slap a blade on the end of it and there will be no questions asked.  The Fiskars axes‘ handles are made from a Stronger-than-steel FiberComp, which are paired with the PermaHead blade that is specially coated to glide through foes and never fly off. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, ranging from a 14-inch hatchet to a 36-inch super splitting axe.  Pricing starts at $25.

Craftsman  Figure Eight Wrench

The Craftsman  Figure Eight Wrench, as the name suggests, bundles 8 different head sizes into one tool so you won’t have to searching through the junk drawer for correct wrench size.  It accommodates eight common metric sizes in one tool (8-11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17-18mm), and includes a universal tooth design making it compatible with a wide variety of fasteners.  You can get it for $20.

Illuminating Wrenches

Not only do these wrenches illuminate in hard to see jobs, but they include their own stand with charging base, meaning they’re always powered up and ready for any job. They chrome plated and forged from steel, so in theory they’ll never break or wear down.  Each wrench’s battery is designed to provide up to 5-hours of light, and includes a flashing option in the case of an emergency.  Hammacher has them for $80.


Compact and small, this CRKT Tool combines the following tools into its small body (just over 2-inches long):  a utility blade, sawtooth blade, multi-fit box wrench, wire stripper, spring-opening Phillips and regular screwdrivers with additional driver bits and a bottle opener.  And best of all, like its body, it has a small price tag of just $50.

Brook & Hunter Premium Mo-Tool Axe

The Brook & Hunter Premium Mo-Tool Axe looks like it would cost well north of $100, but guess what, it doesn’t.  The handle is crafted from extremely dense wood, while the tool parts themselves are made from a stainless steel alloy.  In addition to a hammer and mini-axe there is are screwdrivers, blades, knives, can opener, wire cutter, pliers, file and wrench.  You can get it for about $30.

Craftsman LED Pliers

The Craftsman LED Pliers are the perfect complement to the Craftsman LED Screwdriver.  Embedded into the handle is an LED light that lights up wires allowing you to see if you should cut red, green, or blue.   There are two versions available: diagonal and long nose.  They set appears to cost $30.

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