In the realm of gaming audio “immersion” is paramount.  A proper headset should shield the outer world from the wars you wage on the digital sphere while enveloping you in a hyper realistic comfy blanket. The perfect mic is no less important as communication in gaming is crucial for coordination and irrationally stating the inferiority of an opponent’s genitalia. So here we staand on the cusp of the one Friday of the ebony variety. Headphones can be a perfect gift. Many will be on sale. But which to choose…?

Razer Tiamat Elite 7.1 Surround Sound Headset

Razer has reached deep in to channel something unearthly, when they conjured the 7-1 (-headed) dragon of Greek lore. Like the Tiamat of yore this set of cans can roar. Teh sound is legendary indeed. The 7.1 surround sound Tiamat gaming headset looks mean and serves up performance like no gaming headset we tested. Positional audio is exceptional and noticeably aids gameplay. The 30mm drivers push true 7.1 surround sound, which is canorous elegance to the ears. Plus the adjustable and retractable mic picks up voice perfectly, with no background distortion.

The included control panel lets the user fine tune all speakers, volume, mute, audios channels and speaker bypass. The bypass is a simple feature that alone, save gamers from incessant hassle of switching between playback devices. The control panel toggle makes this painless and efficient in our out of applications.

These are large headphone and come with an equally large price tag. I reiterate from our review: ” The Razer Tiamat 7.1 Gaming Headset is far from entry-level. It’s not even moderate to mainstream. This units sits at the bleeding edge of uber-enthusiast…” So shop wisely and comfortably, knowing any recipient of the Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset is a happy gamer with long immersive gaming sessions in their future.

Astro Gaming A50 7.1 Wireless Headset

I love these headphones. You’ll get a good 6-hours of hardcore gaming before the A50 Wireless headset requires another 40min recharge to get you back in the game. The set comes with its own display stand which is perfect for showing off new gift given while it sucks much needed batt-life.  The attached mic is outstanding and provides clear voice transmission. You can even flip the little sucker for quick muting. All the controls you need are embedded in the headphones, easy to reach and work damn well. True to Astro form, you can play with the game audio-to-voice chat volume ratio, dialing one up or down in exchange for the other. It’s handy when chatting with a group, where game music and ambient sounds are less important.

The Astro Gaming A50 is not for financially faint of heart. The quality in style, comfort and performance command an equally lofty price tag. For the the worthy loved one give the gift of wireless gaming power with Astro Gaming A50 7.1 Wireless headset.

SteelSeries 7h Gaming Headset

We all know the David & Goliath story. The nondescript and humble SteelSeries 7H gaming heaset personifies the underdog dynamic well. I hate thinking of SteelSeries’ impeccable 7H gaming headset as budget, by any means. Yet in truth these babies are a freakin-steal for the quality. They compete at nearly the same level as the A50 and the Tiamat, yet the 7H give up a lot of fancy features and aesthetic sophistication. In exchange you get a comfortable high performance headset. Not bad.

The SteelSeries 7H break down in seconds into 4 separate pieces for easy travel, and offer a cool retractable uni-directional mic for multiple comfort options. The 50mm drivers provide clean crisp audio over all ranges low-high. We should note, these are best paired with an external sound card or SteelSeriess’s USB soundcard sold separately. No matter, the SteelSeries 7h gaming headset is a great gift this holiday season.

Shawn Sanders

Shawn loves gadgets, literature, history and games. For 10yrs+ he's straddled both the comic book & video game industries, as a writer, editor, marketing officer & producer. Shawn got his start in tech & games as an editor & Hardware Director for More notable accomplishments include Executive Producer on mobile games Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved & The Shroud.