Many are not happy with iOS 6 Maps that replaced Google Maps from the previous operating system.  Many consider it to be the weakest map app of all the iOS updates. It’s basically dependent on third party apps for the region you’re in, which can range from pretty good to decent to even nothing at all. The app is criticized as producing less than accurate results than Google Maps and so we’ve compiled both paid and free alternatives for users who seek an atlernative choice. Some of the paid ones are pretty steep in price, but they provide robust features, while some of the free ones provide limited trials and require in-app purchases for added features.


14. Quickroute

This paid map app will get you wherever you want, the way you want. Quickroute will provide you with directions if you’re biking, walking, driving, on a bus, on a cable car, tram, ferry, subway and more! For $4.99 you can easily search for addresses and places you can find with Google, autoroute directions and allows you to schedule when you want to leave or arrive and select from multiple locations.

13. Garmin U.S.A.

For $49.99, Garmin U.S.A. seems pretty expensive for a map app, but this one has it all! You’ll have the best in GPS navigation on your iPhone or iPad with photoReal junction views, 3D buildings, speed/red light camera alerts, traffic alerts and more. There are also optional in-app purchases that include fuel pricing and more.

12. Navigon

Navigon turns your iPhone/iPad into a fully functional mobile navigation system that is currently considered the best turn-by-turn navigation app for iPhone users who need worldwide options and offline support. For $59.99, users get precise spoken announcements, lane assistant pro, 3D and 3D map display, route planning functions, SOS emergency help and so much more.

11. CoPilot Live Premium HD

The CoPilot Live Premium HD version goes for $12.99 and offers uses a high-performance GPS system that features offline navigation so you can view maps when you don’t have connection on your device. You also get 1 year of real-time traffic service for free so you always get the fastest route through traffic jams and you can navigate directly to a house number, address book contact or even to a geo-tagged photo.

10. Magellan RoadMate North America

Magellan’s app for North America costs $59.99 and allows users a very in-depth navigation experience. You can listen to turn-by-turn guidance in three new voice options and use Yelp via the app since it’s now been integrated into it, so you can search, browse rating and navigate to places of interest. It also includes safety alerts for speed traps, speed camera spots, live camera feeds, dangerous curves and school zones.

9. TomTom USA

The TomTom Navigation app offers the most accurate maps in your pocket and doesn’t need a mobile signal to access the maps. You get daily free map updates, reliable arrival times at all times of the day and the quickest routes through traffic…all for $49.99. It also includes integration with Google, Facebook and foursquare, has clear turn-by-turn guidance and integrates with your contacts, photos, music and more.


8. Wisepilot Navigation

Wisepilot Navigation isa  free award-winning navigation map allows users maximum flexibility and has all their maps and navigation stored in the cloud, so users get updates automatically and never have to worry about outdated maps again. For 30 days, you get all its premium feature for free, but after that, you can buy them in the program’s in-app shop. You buy what you need for whatever time you need it for.

7. GoKivo

Gokivo is the iPhone’s first real-time, voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation that provides users a free 30-day pass to their services that includes four different tiers of subscription services. It features real time, turn-by turn directions with street names, enhanced 3D navigation, real highway signs and road views, traffic aware routing, POI searches and integrates with Facebook to keep friends in know of your travels.

6. Beat the Traffic

Users of Beat the Traffic will get free traffic maps, real-time info like avg. speeds, incidents and roadworks near you, alerts about traffic delays on your routes, free access to traffic cameras in more than 34 cities and will save your daily routes and commute times. If you want more, you can upgrade to the app’s Pro account.

5. PD Maps Worldwide Edition

The PD Maps Worldwide Edition app includes fast and smooth map renderings, worldwide coverage, full screen map browsing, simple route building, offline maps, real-time traffic info and the five-day weather forecast. Premium user express support and assistance.

4. CoPilot GPS

The free version of CoPilot provides 2D maps, POI, route planning, walking and driving mode, and allows you to share stuff on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

3. Telenav

The actual Telenav app is free, but if you want voice guidance for your directions, that’s a paid service. Free highlights include: turn-by-turn directions, millions of POI, updated maps and free daily traffic updates on maps to save you time.

2. Waze

The fun, community-based traffic and navigation app allows you to join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic and save time on your commute. With community-generated real-time traffic updates, you’ll always get the best route to your destination. You can also actively report accidents, hazards and more and find the cheapest gas stations along your route using Wave.

1. MapQuest

The truly free navigation MapQuest app out there doesn’t require any subscriptions or upgrades and provides you with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions for free, cheapest gas price finder, live traffic cameras, live traffic updates every five minutes, both walking and driving directions and multiple-stop routes, landscape view and customizable avatars.

Kristie Bertucci

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