There ain’t nothing quite like a little viral marketing to kick the holiday marketing engine into full speed, right?  Today, Microsoft infused some serious fervor into the gaming community by sending select Xbox Live members a free, yes free slim Xbox 360.  But before you get too excited, there is one fairly hefty stipulation: you must be an Xbox Live member since the service’s inception.  That’s 10 hard years and about $600 worth of fees, though off the top of our heads we can’t recall how much the service was when it launched in November of 2002.

To commemorate the decade of online gaming, Microsoft tapped their creative team and whipped together a special edition slim console complete with a special box and exclusive coloring that sports a very NES reminiscent gray.  Kotaku is quick to point out that the console’s hard drive size has yet to be revealed, but we’re gonna go ahead and assume it ships with a 320GB, which is generally the size associated with limited edition Xbox 360s.

According to Major Nelson, he’ll reveal more details later this week on how you can win of these special Xbox 360 consoles, even if you haven’t been an Xbox Live member for 3,650 days.

Update: as pointed out by one (the only) commenter, and based on a set of linked pics, it is in fact comes with a 250GB hard drive.

Source | Via: Kotaku

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