How small it too small?  Clearly, a portable hard drive can never be too small, but we’re gonna go ahead and agree with Gizmodo that Zagg’s Bluetooth Keyboard, the Zaggkeys Mini 7, is to just too cramped to actually promote productivity.

However, you can’t knock Zagg for trying.  The ZaggKeys Mini 7 is not only a Bluetooth keyboard, but a protective case.  So when the keyboard is flipped up, the iPad Mini’s screen is protected from scratches and any debris you have stowed away in your bag.  There is even a kickstand to keep the screen upright and angled accordingly when in landscape mode.  There is also a set of hot keys (volume control, play, pause, screen lock, home, search, slideshow, copy, paste) included that are specific to the iPad Mini.  Zagg hasn’t said exactly how long the battery will last on a single charge via its micro-USB port, but you can expect at the very least a month.

Of note, Zagg also sells “full sized” keyboard for the iPad Mini, the Mini 9.  It extends beyond the iPad Mini’s 7-inch width, unlike the Mini 7, which is edge-to-edge.  Both sell for $90.

Source | Via: Gizmodo

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