Needless to say, the iPad Stylus market is beyond saturated.  So it isn’t often that we post on such things.  However, we’re willing to make an exception for Ten One Design.  That, and we posted some news about this stylus, otherwise known as the Blue Tiger, back in March.

So not much has changed since we first told you about their iPad Stylus, which is now called Pogo Connect (3rd gen).  It is fully compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, and as a result incorporates palm rejection technology, along with hundreds of levels of pressure sensitivity thanks to their Crescendo Sensor.   Ten One Designs says that the Pogo Connect will activate “with 0 grams” of force – in other words you can nail the nuances or details with this stylus. Now, what makes this stylus better (pending an actual review) than other ones of the same ilk, is that it doesn’t require an infrared dongle that plugs into the iPad’s 30-pin dock.  That means you don’t have to worry about losing an instrumental piece, and it’s future proof with other iPads since Apple is moving all of their mobile devices to the Lightning connector.

Although Ten One Design hasn’t said for sure, we’re assuming that the built-in LED light will continue to reflect the color that you’re working with.  They have confirmed that the tip is held in place by a magnet, which means you’ll be able to purchase other tips down the road that will allow you to more easily implement a wider variety of brush strokes.  And lastly, if you misplace your Pogo Connect, an included app helps you locate it using a radar like system, provided of course it is turned on and in range of your iPad’s Bluetooth signal.

The 3rd generation Pogo Connect Bluetooth pen from Ten One Design ships October 31st, but is available for preorder now for $80.

Christen Costa

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