Steampunk isn’t often something we feature on Gadget Review. More often than not it’s just too far off topic for us to write about it, and honestly, doesn’t pique our interest all that much.  That being said, this Steampunk NES, as in the original Nintendo, has definitely caught our eye.

Functionality wise it is nothing beyond the original system, and while we actually prefer the original design of the NES due to its iconic design, we just couldn’t pass on this setup.  We’re not too sure on the functionality, as in where the power and reset button is.  But it’s pretty evident where the control ports and game slot resides, which looks to be more analogous to that of the SNES, otherwise known as the Super Nintendo System.

The Steampunk NES was designed by Reddit user  Andrew5785.  He built the SteamPunk NES for his nephew, who wanted a top loading original Nintendo system.

Christen Costa

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