We’ve been waiting for sometime for Red Bull’s Stratos jump to transpire.  The day was set to arrive earlier last week when suddenly it was delayed due to bad weather.  Red Bull rescheduled for October 14th, and yesterday Felix Baumgartner completed a record breaking free fall from 128,100 feet.

His decent took a total of 4:20 minutes, allowing him to reach a top speed of 833mph, exceeding the speed of sound by 68mph.  It’s an astonishing feat and has rewarded him with three world records: the first man to surpass the speed of sound without an aircraft, the highest freefall, and the highest manned balloon flight.  The longest (in terms of time) freefall is still held by project mentor Joe Kittinger, who originally held the record.

The video footage is astonishing and epitomizes balls of steal.  Felix simply opens the craft door, steps out and lunges forward. Helmet camera footage has emerged since the original posting on YouTube.  One has to wonder how much money it took to fund a project like this.  But the folks at Red Bull are no idiots.  They’ve long used extreme sports to market their energy drink, and by all assumptions (and seeing the inside of their office), it suffices to say that its paid off quite well.  So we can only assume that the amount of coverage and mentions of the Red Bull brand in the news means they probably at least break even if not double their money, though it’s difficult to quantify something like that.

Felix already holds a number of world records, which includes the highest parachute dive from a building when he jumped from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the first person to cross the English Channel in freefall using a specially made fibre wing and more.

Full recap below.

Christen Costa

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