Over the years we’ve seen a variety of retro gaming systems.  In other words they’re nothing new.  But that isn’t to say they aren’t worth their wait in gold.  Anyone with a 20+ year old NES knows how infuriating it is to get their games to work – blow, breath, reset and so on.  Nevertheless, we haven’t seen anything quite as versatile as this Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES System Black.

Unlike other retro gaming systems, this one plays both NES and SNES games.  Even better it’s portable, with 8 hours of play on a single charge.  And if you happen upon a TV during your travels, you can plug it using a set of standard RCA cables and play on the big screen.  For two player games there is apparently a set of extension controllers (not pictured), which are apparently included in the limited time $80 price tag (they’re currently running an special introductory $20 discount).   Comparatively speaking the screen looks a bit small to some of today’s smarthphones, and we’re not sure if there is a headphone jack.  On a final positive note, you can also play Genesis games, provided of course you’ve got the appropriate adapter.

Source | Via: Reddit

Christen Costa

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