Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD (Comparison)

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Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7
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9 Comments to Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD (Comparison)

  1. Eludium Q36

    When figuring the cost of the KF HD you should also note the fact that you can get AT&T HSPA+ for $50/yr for their 250MB/mon casual browsing plan. So if you opt for this along with Amzn Prime to get the “full Amzn experience” then you’ve basically got a new $11/mon subscription, so that’s something people will have to wrap their minds around. Also, though alot of Prime videos are free, many will cost you $1.99 and up, especially for recent tv episodes, so don’t be fooled by the marketing for this.

  2. Nexus 7 has GPS. KF does not. Probably not important to someone who just uses the tablet for consuming Amazon media, but a consideration for someone who wants a more generally useful machine.

  3. Better is a subjective term. The KF is better for media users stuck in Amazon’s system where the N7 is better for people who want a full fledged tablet.

    Also, short of rooting and Romming a KF, the N7 has better storage capabilities via OTG. It’s actually cheaper to buy a 64 gig flash drive, get the media importer app and OTG cable then it is to upgrade to 16 gigs. Can’t do that with a stock KF, If you’re super nuts, you can connect one of those portable usb powered only 500 gig drives.

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