Mercedes-Benz may have got rid of its uber expensive Maybach line, but their latest SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive Supercar has comfortably taken its place as the most expensive Benz, selling for $540,000. Taking a page from the Formula 1 racing world, designers not only styled its exterior after F1 racing machines, but also used loads of F1 technology with the electric drivetrain at the core of the new model. To keep the center of gravity low, the battery compartment is close to the ground and spread along the length of the car to keep the weight distributed.

The all wheel drive SLS AMG pushes is also the fastest production electric supercar, pushing out jaw-dropping 740 hp via its four independent electric motors found at each of the wheels. It also has a 400 volt liquid cooled lithium ion high voltage battery in the engine compartment to help power the electric motors. All this translates to a 0-60 mph time in only 3.9 seconds. The interior also has a racing feel to it, with stitched black leather and carbon-fiber trim accents. The instrument cluster doesn’t feature a rev counter, but a power display that provides status on power requirements, recuperation status, transmission modes and battery charge. There’s also Internet access and a range of system data displays that tell you a lot about the car’s performance and status. It will hit the roads next year.

Kristie Bertucci

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